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Thinking about the IIT…

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by Swatee Jog

The Union Budget this year made provision for an IIT at Karnataka. The new  IIT in Karnataka will be in addition to the ones proposed at Jammu and Kashmir, Chattisgarh, Goa, Andra Pradesh and Kerala which, when operational, will take the strength of IITs to 21. Of these, there is provision to upgrade current institutes of technology or to build a new one. Many politicians have already started pitching for their respective towns to set up the proposed IIT. However, many points come to the mind of a common man.  Belagavi long deserves an institute of National prominence. Of the major contenders, many cities in Karnataka have had such institutes- Mangalore has the NIT while Mysore has the National Food Technological Institute and Bangalore is home to more such, including an IIM. Belagavi, situated at the juncture of three states, is known as an educational hub, with 3 universities and numerous other institutes of education from schools to UG , PG, medical, engineering and pharmacy. It is well connected by rail and road to major cities and also has the perfect environment that fosters education. However, some aspects need to be thought about. An IIT would require land of not less than 200 acres for it to be set up afresh. Belagavi can offer this land in select locations. The first would be beyond the Suvarn Vidhan Soudha, near Bastwad and beyond. Another location could be Kanbargi. Land could also be available near Bailhongal which can be a good location. Second point of concern would be the infrastructure. The current roads in Belagavi are at best suited to flaunt a Tier-2 city status. But if we boast of an IIT, it would entail visits by Indian and International faculty, students, researchers, Industry people and even leaders. Belagavi needs good air connectivity to at least Bangalore and Mumbai for easy access. An IIT would also boost the local industry, more so the hotels, food, travel, construction, etc. IIT

Although Belagavi is long considered safe for living, has great climate, is accessible to Mumbai, Bangalore and Mangalore overnight, has extremely warm people, enough water and electricity, has a flourishing Engineering industry, all it lacks is something like an IIT. Perhaps the politicians of yore did not pitch hard or we always lost to the bigger cities in the state or then it could be that we just hang in limbo due to the border dispute, we’ve always lost out. It is time the people of Belagavi get their act together. Let the Industry bodies, educational institutions, people’s forums, political parties, social organizations, come together for this common cause. People power triumphs, time and again. Why not try this one time?

9 thoughts on “Thinking about the IIT…”

  1. Considaring the current situvation, IIT might land-up in Hubli-Dharwad locality.
    However my question is why not our politicians are not proactive in bringing this to Belgaum? I understand from the FB that, Pralhad Joshi (Hubli-Dharwad politician) met HRD minister and requested IIT to set-up at Hubi-Dharwad and Suresh Angadi (Belgaum MP) also joied him in requesting this for Hubli Dharwad.
    Why dont they fight to get IIT for Belgaum? Why dont all MLA’s, MP’s of Belgaum together raise voice on this topic? why they are quite?

    Anyway, cant help on this matter unless our politicians realise this fact.
    Is there anything AAB can do on this? can it consolidate public pool/voting online and raise voice?

  2. Amazing to hear “We’ve always lost out”, everyone is adult in belgaum/belagavi/Belagaon and nobody is a fool….Either we fight based on region Maratha/Kannada or based on religion Hindu/Muslim…First give one name to the city instead of 3 based on lingusitic politics. Industries dont knock belgaums doors due to volatile situation in belgaum always during each and every festivals/rajaotsav etc. Please if you want to see belgaum grow and our future generation to take advantage of that growth please stop fighting and work towards progress of belgaum…

    • Adult means those fools who know about everything happening around but still close their eyes as if nothing is happening…

  3. But our MP suresh angadi is pitching for an IIT in dharwad and not in belgaum. When our politicians are not fighting for it, then who will listen to public voice..

  4. Even it comes to Hubli does not matter ,hardly 1 and half hr journey ,*in fact if it is set up between Dharwad and Belgaum it is well n good

  5. A ready infrastructure is available at belgaum. Suvarna soudha can be used for better results using the same for IIT, very next day one can start the process of setting up education as described. Otherwise it is idling for no cause. As and when it is required once or twice in a year, it can be made available, like reserved for particular periods for assembly., by an agreement or something like under the control of secretary of the state.? �

  6. All people of Belgaum and our MP, MLA n so called politicians/leaders please do something to setup IIT in BELGAUM. If required we can protest in different ways to set up IIT in our city. Its kind request to everyone don’t bat for Hubli Dharwar to set up there by staying in our city BELGAUM. Don’t loose the opportunity.

  7. Belagavi is an ideal place for establishing the IIT due to its geographical location, bordering 2 states, apart from good connectivity. There is a rich entrepreneurial culture which will support the working of the IIT in a much enhanced way. While, Dharwad has already been sanctioned a IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology) and a Research Centre for Higher Education, Belagavi should be the priority. However if Goa IIT is sanctioned then, the whole of North Karnataka may be deprived of such a great institute.


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