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Third gate RoB work could get Navratri Muhurat

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The foundation stone for the construction of Road Over Bridge THIRD Gate was done on 6th Jan 2019 by Suresh Angadi. This is known as Level crossing No.381 (Third Gate). 

However, the work on the same could not be commenced owing to various reasons primary being the white topping of Congress road. The SWR engineers now plan to commence the actual work on the RoB from Navratri (October first week).

The work of the white Topping on Congress road is almost complete near the Third gate but isn’t complete further.

The Second gate has also been widened and the Fourth gate as well which will ease some traffic movement.

The District administration has still not given its clearance for blocking traffic at Third gate, and as per sources as soon as they get the clearance the work would be commenced.

third-gateDetails about the Project:
Cost of the RoB: 27.28 Crores

Span of RoB: 1 x 2 x 54 Bowstring Girder

Approaches: Panaji Side: (5+6) x 18 m PSC (250 m)
Belagavi Side: (7+6) x 18 m PSC (331 m)

Targeted Completion: March 2020
4 Lane Approach

The RoB is sanctioned at a cost of Rs.27.28 Crore on a 50:50 cost-sharing basis between ministry if Railways and Govt of Karnataka.

The 1 x 2 x 54 Bowstring Girder with 4 lane approach roads will give respite to the road users and help in building up the infrastructure for Belagavi city.

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