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This weekend again complete Lockdown – May 29 -31

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Belagavi Deputy Commissioner M.G. Hiremath has announced complete lockdown from 6 AM May 29 to 6AM of May 31. These measures have been taken in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases in the district.

There would be no relaxation to buy vegetables in the 6-10 AM slot on Saturday and Sunday. Only Milk sales will be allowed.

Full lockdown on Saturday complete lockdown from 6 AM May 29 to 6AM of May 31. for Non-essential activities.

Sale of Milk
Visit hospital for emergency
Marriages already fixed with prior permission
Transport vehicles traveling to interstate and inter-district.
PDS Ration shops and Agricultural seva Kendras from 6- 10 AM only


So like last weekend there would be no Food delivery, no parcel service, no industries will be working, no fruit and vegetable buying from 6-10 AM.

Unnecessary travel for persons is banned under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code 1973.

Deputy Commissioner MG Hiremath has warned that anyone who violates the lock-down order will be prosecuted according to Indian Penal Code 188.

4 thoughts on “This weekend again complete Lockdown – May 29 -31”

  1. Sir, Lockdown and curfue are not the solution for “corona”. It will increases the panic for “money” in everyone daily life, due to this in the near future the “crime” will increase, because if u don’t have money what would you do?? Think about it again.

  2. Lockdown is simple solution for commissioner….! agreed nothing happens when political rallies are on and politician are busy earning there bread ..corona gose to sleep ..

    this way how many more lock downs will be there …? people are getting frustrated now top it up ..few police are acting as if they are the one who will ensure corona to vanish by thrashing poor people .


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