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Tiger Safari in 6-9 months at Bhutramanhatti zoo


The Central Zoo Authority has given permission to the Kittur Rani Chennamma Nisargadhama at Bhutramanhatti to keep Lion, Tiger, Bear, Leopard, Fox, Gaur along with other few animals and birds.

The Zoo Authority of Karnataka has floated tenders for the same to the tune of
Rs. 1,50,70,000 and the details are as below:


Construction of EMU Enclosure at KRCND Mini zoo Bhutaramanahatti Belagavi – 1200000.00

Construction of Zoo Hospital Building at KRCND mini zoo Bhutaramanahatti Belagavi – 2760000.00

Construction of Hyena Holding Room at KRCND mini zoo Bhutaramanahatti Belagavi – 1980000.00

Construction of Boundary chainlink Mesh at KRCND Mini Zoo Bhutaramanahatti Belagavi – 4450000.00

Construction of Tiger Safari Chainlink Mesh at KRCND Mini Zoo Bhutaramanahatti Belagavi – 4680000.00

As per master plan layout, new Tiger safari is to be developed in 20 hectares and all the work will have to complete in 6 months.

Rani Chennamma mini ZooAt present, the Zoo falls in ‘Mini Zoo’ Category as per the classification of Zoos by the Central Zoo Authority.

The Mini zoo is spread over 34 hectares the mini Zoo was started in 1989.

The Mini Zoo is open from 10.30 am to 5 pm with an entry fee. Wednesday Holiday.

With the zoos being the best places to impart values on biodiversity and motivate visitors for its conservation, they can as well sensitise visitors on endangered species, in-situ and ex-situ conservation, and many other issues.




  1. Make Belgavi a must visit destination for nationalsl and for international visitors. Keep Belgavi clean, make it garbage free and stray animal free.

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