Tiger Safari to be inaugurated at Kittur Rani Channamma Mini Zoo Belagavi

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The Tiger Safari and other new amenities made at the Kittur Rani Channamma Mini Zoo at Bhutramanhatti Belagavi will be inaugurated on 29/12/2022.

Features of the Mini Zoo at Belagavi:

For the first time in North Karnataka, Tiger Safari has been opened for public viewing.

• Wild animals like tigers, lions, leopards, bears, hyenas, peacocks, pigeons, parrots, and various birds are kept in enclosures for public viewing.

• School children will be given 25% concession in admission when sent officially by the school

• Kittur Rani Channamma Mini Zoo has an area of ​​about 31.68 hectares.

• Karnataka Zoo Authority is busy making it an educational center to create awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

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Karnataka Zoo Authority internal and government grants for various development works like Tiger Safari, Chainlink Mesh Construction, Spotted Deer Enclosure, Hyena Holding Room, Tiger Holding Room, Hyena Enclosure, Four Horned Antelope Enclosure, Sambar Deer Enclosure, Chainlink Mesh Construction of Tiger Safari, Fox Enclosure, The works of sloth bear enclosure, emu enclosure, leopard enclosure etc. will be completed.

Infrastructural developments such as the construction of Zoo Visitors Road, Zoo Service Road, Zoo Animal Hospital Building, Well Construction, Pipe Line, Vermi Compost Shed Construction etc. will be completed.


• Construction of new lake, development of lake near lion enclosure, development of lake near tiger safari, development of lake opposite zoo office, construction of left side cc drain for spectators, construction of right side cc drain for spectators, access to spectator road, development of service road, Development of Tiger Safari Road, Construction of Tiger Safari Road (CC Road) and Construction of Zoo Entrance Gate will be completed by Zilla Panchayat under MGNREGA scheme.

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  1. Happy with the inauguration of safari. But my humble request is please maintain it properly. Just because of negligence, last time we lost one lion. Authorities please maintain


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