Tiger sighted again by Youths

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Dhanaji Patil and Mashnu Patil, residents of Mendil village of Khanapur taluk, claimed they sighted a tiger at Abanoli, 30 km from Khanapur town, on Wednesday evening.

The Tiger roared at them but did not attack but as soon it roared the duo left the bike and ran away into the village.

Villagers often sight tigers and leopards. As all the tigers and leopard are not man-eaters, they claim they move fearlessly in the forest. 

Dhanaji told he was visiting his sister in Abnoli village in the Khanapur jungle range when the incident happened. He and Mashnu had parked the two-wheeler a few metres  from the road in the jungle and walked to his sister’s residence. When they returned and were starting the bike, they noticed the animal in front of them.

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