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Tiger Spotted Again in Mudagai Village at Jamboti Forest Khanapur, Belagavi

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Villagers were fear stricken after a tiger was sighted about 3 kms from the village of Mudagai in Jamboti Forest Range.

File Tiger Trap image
File Tiger Trap image

The Jamboti forest range has about 10 villages, and sighting of wild animals is nothing new to them, but with the reappearance of the Tiger the villagers are fear stricken.

Children did not go the schools and elders have advised not to venture out alone.

On December 29, 2014 the Man-eater tiger was killed by the Forest department in the Jamboti forest range. A few villagers have also raised the question “Which tiger was killed?”

As per sources about 5-6 tigers are there in the Jamboti forest range, which normally do not come into human habitation and none of them have radio collar.

Forest officials have again started to locate the tiger.

10 thoughts on “Tiger Spotted Again in Mudagai Village at Jamboti Forest Khanapur, Belagavi”

  1. Hope better sense prevails and the forest officials track down the tiger and relocate it, instead of ruthlessly “hunting it down”.

  2. Please it is a request to forest officials that this time at least show some humanity… behave like a humans.
    instead of hunting relocate our national animal and earn some respect.

    Do not repeat the shit what u guys did earlier.

  3. this time i request the people of belgaum & the news Officials of AAB to take care that these Ass holes (forest officials & govt ) doesn’t take any decisions by disgusting decisions.

    Please see that our National Animal is saved.

  4. Don’t tell me we r gonna find another dead tiger… Wtf is wrong vit ul ppl… Did ul near of tranquilizers? Y shoot @ sight 4 a tiger? Can’t ul keep them in d zoo if nothin else is possible?


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