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Toll to continue on Congress road

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The Cantonment Toll booth which was deserted for the last three days is now back to work since midnight and Cantonment board has clarified that all toll collections have been stopped EXCEPT on Congress road.
We had reported yesterday that toll collection has been stopped but in a late night action the toll on Congress road is functional.
We were told by our sources that the district authorities had taken stern action the toll collectors but it seems people going from Congress road for that 300 mtr stretch will have to shell out money.
The other nakas where toll collection has been stopped are at Ganeshpur and Ambabhavan.
Congress road being a part of NH4 will always have huge traffic of commercial vehicles than at other places and it seems they are milking the same.
Some questions which need answers:
One petitioner who has got stay on paying the toll is the Belgaum chambers of commerce and industry, so in normal reasoning all members of the chamber should be let off from paying toll?

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