Towing charges for no parking in Belagavi

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For the smooth flow of traffic, the Commissioner of Police Belagavi has made 21 roads as no parking for all kind of vehicles and if parked vehicles will be towed away.

No parking fine Rs.1000 as per the revised notification. If the vehicle is Towed away, Towing charges extra.

Towing charges for no parking in Belagavi

For Bikes it is 1650 – 1000+325 (Govt Towing Charges)+325(Pvt Towing Charges)

LMV/Car – No parking fine Rs.1000 – Towing charges Rs.1000 – Total


SOP – the standard operating procedure

The standard operating procedure for towing a vehicle is that the police must click a picture of the wrongly parked vehicle, announce the vehicle number on loudspeaker to alert the vehicle owner and in case the person does not turn up, tow the vehicle.

Traffic police, on spotting an illegally parked vehicle, will have to announce the vehicle’s registration number and make. They also have to specify that it’s been illegally parked and will be towed away if the owner doesn’t turn up in five minutes.

If the motorist shows up on time, he or she will be fined only Rs 1000. If not, the vehicle will be towed away and the violator will also have to pay the towing charges to get it released. Also, cops will have to click a photo of the illegally parked vehicle before taking it away.

Towing charges for no parking in BelagaviTowing charges for no parking in BelagaviNo parking of any kind of vehicles on the following roads –

1) From Rani Channamma Circle to Krishnadevaraya Circle – Dr. BR Ambedkar Road (Civil Hospital Road)

2) Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to KLE Hospital

3)Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO).

4) From Veer Rani Channamma Circle to Sangolli Raiyana Circle (RTO)

5) Asoka Circle (Fort Lake) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO)

6) Ashoka Circle(Fort Lake) to Kanakadasa Circle.

7) new Gandhi Nagar Circle from Ashoka Circle

8) Mujawar Khoot to Circuit House.

9) From the Central Bus Station Old PB Road up to VRL

10)Dharmanath Bhavan to Police Bhawan.

11) Ramdev Hotel to Dharmanath Bhawan.

12) Channamma Circle Ganesh Mandir -College road upto to Pavan Hotel

13) College Road from Yande khoot (IDBI Bank) to RLS College.

14) College Road – Yande Khoot (IDBI Bank) to Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle

15) Club Road -Milan Hotel to Harsha Electronics.

16) Samadevi Galli – Gondhali Galli Cross to IDBI Bank.

17) Kirloskar Road – Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle Ramlingkhind Galli Cross.

18) SPM Road – Renuka Hotel Cross to Prakash Theater.

19) SPM Road – Bank of India to Shivaji Garden Gate.

20) Khanapur Road RPD – RPD Circle to Bhagya Nagar Cross.

21)Narvekar Galli – From Samadevi Temple to Risaldar Galli.

20 thoughts on “Towing charges for no parking in Belagavi”

  1. Appropriate parking facility has to be provided by corporation. The citizens have paid road tax at the time of purchase of vehicles. Public parking place Is basic need, hence providing basic amenities is the onus of officials before imposing the law.

  2. Dear citizens of Belagavi. Can’t you ask the question to your police if these are no parking zones then
    1. How come fast food vendors are parking there from 4 pm onwards
    2. How come this rule is not applicable to autorickshaw
    3. What about patients who need to stop in front of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
    As long as cash transactions are allowed this type of looting from police department will be there.
    We should tell them to accept debit, credit cards, phone pay etc then you will see that the police department will stop working so hard to collect money and maybe they can help school children, disabled, blind and old people to cross the roads.

  3. While I agree with Mr Sateesh Gharge regarding the responsibility of the Corporation in providing parking areas in the vicinity of various commercial /shopping areas, the citizens also need to cooperate with the authorities by parking their vehicles on various side roads and designated parking areas both of which may be slightly away from their intended shop/ establishment and walk the distance. The authorities also need to ensure that the footpaths are kept free for pedestrians at all times.

  4. It seems almost all belgaum has turned into no parking zone. Is there any official parking where a citizen can park his vehicle. What will happen to the senior citizens, disabled people. Do the suppose to walk down say from sadashiv nagar to sambhaji Chowk? There is no official parking on these areas declared as no parking zones. Before implimanting scheme the concern authorities should list the official parkings along with parking charges. If it is done I do not think citizens will have any problem.

  5. Parking area is covered by Shop owners by putting board of NO PARKING infront of there shops. Width of 5,6 feets. Corporation need to collect all big this type of boards in Entire city. They need to put by that one person can cross. But some Shopkeepers are keeping bamboos, Steel blocks. With this people will get some more parking space

  6. Corporation should come up with designated free parking space in all the above mentioned areas. why the hell they collect tax ,they shoud allow to park vehicles on RLS Ground, Sardar Ground, Vanita vidayala school ground and on free govt lands.I agree there should be free movement of vehicles bit should come up with alternate solutions, there instance we need to park for few minutes during unavoidable and emergency situation.

  7. Strict implementation must be done atleast for two months.People of Belagavi need to be disciplined! Be it autos or food delivery guys…in fact fine double during peak hours.

  8. Most unreasonable… It is reported that in Bengaluru such penalties are imposed only if there is a violation when authorized parking spaces are available within 500 mts.. But here.

  9. Excelant method to earn money even on broken and substandard road,,,kya loot machi hai bhai,,,tax bhi dena and kharab road me gadi bhi chala nahi sakte

  10. What if the officials themselves offend ?
    Govt vehicles are parked at NO PARKING Zones , who will fine them ?
    Disturbing traffic flow during their duty at some places, who is responsible ?

  11. Seeing the no parking zone it is better to sell the vehicle
    It is the duty if the concerned to declare the places where parking is available
    Rules should be from both side
    New method of collecting the money how much of this will go to govt account.god knows

  12. Heavy road tax
    + Hike in insurance premium
    +violation of traffic charges
    Even heavy such charges what kind of road conditions are rendering by road authorities.

  13. Since the towing will be on contract and presumably since the payment to the contractor will be on the basis of number of vehicles towed, be sure it’s not safe to park your vehicle anywhere! The contractor will engage muscle-men who’ll have a field day doing their job…

  14. People of Belagavi should come together and oppose the move unless :
    1. Parking space is declared with nominal charges
    2. Towing charge should not be more than Rs. 250 & to be paid to only dept. Not both.


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