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Traders raise voice against Weekend curfew – Meet DC

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Today a delegation of The Belgaum Traders Forum under the leadership of shri Satish Tendulkar met Shri M.G.Hiremath, Deputy Commissioner of Belagavi regarding the implementation of a weekend curfew in Belagavi district.

The delegates highlighted the issue of the problem faced by the trade commerce and industry during the pandemic due to lockdown. They narrated, present our state is in a very good position with low positivity rate as far as the covid infection is a concern and members requested that instead of weekend lockdown of the weekend the borders must be strict and stringently sealed and allow the district and the cities to function normally. The discussion also took place of evening curfew from 7 pm every day instead of two days weekly lockdown.

Speaking to the gathering the Deputy Commissioner assured the delegates that he will definitely follow up the matter with the higher authorities and do his best to resolve the matter.

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Snippet from the memorandum –

Now at present, our state is in a very good position as per the official Medical bulletin with a minimum positivity rate and almost negligible mortality. 

Sir, as you are aware of the fact that almost all classes of economy representing trade, commerce, and industry are badly affected due to the lockdown measures and for many survival financially and economically in this situation has become the need of the hour and of utmost priority.

Since as stated above we as a state are at a very low positivity infection rate even though our neighboring states like Maharashtra, Kerala still suffering we as a trade, commerce industry feel that instead of implementing weekend lockdown, we request you to seal the borders with strict n stringent measure allowing all the district and cities in our state economically functional. We request you to kindly seal the borders and allow our state to function in a normal way. 

We earnestly request your good selves to please look into the above issues which we are confident will transform our state economy back to normal in all aspects.

Shri Satish Tendulkar, Shri Shevantilal Shah, Shri Vishal Kulkarni, Shri Raju Khoda, Shri Vikas kalghatgi, Shri Deepak Aversekar, Shri Ramesh Pawale and others were present.

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