Traffic Cop Javed Mushapiri registers 613 cases in one day

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The past week has been very hectic for the Traffic cops in Belagavi booking traffic violations after the judge’s order.

Traffic CPI Belagavi North, Javed Mushapiri has registered as many as 613 cases on his blackberry in one day.
The department claims this to be the highest number cases registered on a single blackberry device, the previous highest been known is 350 cases in Bengaluru.

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Javed in the Centre

Javed Mushapiri has always been in the forefront when it comes to implementation of orders. It must be recalled that the last time in August he was heading the drive against the Auto drivers and even now from Monday he has now booked cases on Autos.

Last time around he even booked cases after complaints received via Whatsapp and calls and every complaint was followed up.

We hope this time as well he will follow it up seriously and get some discipline to the traffic movement in the city as well.

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  1. The Government needs to meter the autos..They loot everyone like anything.No proper laws and implementations they make the rule the driver’s take out a protest and there it goes down the drain and back to square one.


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