Traffic diverted at First gate – no entry towards Mandoli road


The Belgaum traffic police this morning as a part of their trial for smooth flow of traffic blocked all traffic to enter on to Mandoli road from 1st gate and Congress road at Ganesh Chowk.

The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road
The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road
The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road
The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road

People who want to go to Mandoli road, Guruprasad Nagar from Congress road or First gate will have to drive up Congress road and take the first Right turn but not at Ganesh Chowk First gate. On the same lines commuters coming from Mandoli road, Guruprsad Colony will have to take Second gate only to cross the railway line via Bose ground.
This is created a lot of chaos and even when the intention of the police is good seems like this is half hearted application of ideas.
Auto drivers are charging more than they now say they have to take a big diversion. People form Mandoli road will have to go via second gate only as no traffic is allowed towards Mandoli road (Union bank). What this will also do is increase the traffic flow at second gate which will create chaos.
People were seen crossing the dividers and going to the other side which is more dangerous.


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  1. And i would also like to highlight another topic here as it is also interlinked to this problem – on the entrance of Roy road or the first gate auto stand The Pai travels is parked right near the entrance and moreover the people who come to drop the passengers of that buss park their cars right in the center of the Roy road as and stand besides it as if they have just bought this piece of land…..!!!!! and this is never visible to our traffic police department…….. lets see if any action is taken by our Honorable Traffic Police Department…..

  2. I call this move “BULLSHIT” i completely agree with what Akhil Deshpande
    June 21, 2014 at 12:46 PM has said, flyover or an under pass is a must…… instead of such idiotic trials…….

  3. Idea seems good but I could see today people coming on wrong side from first gate to enter congress road on other side. Traffic police is absent now at 1st gate and it created a hell lot traffic worst than before. A fly over or an underpasses as done in Bangalore for chord road near Malleshwaram and Rajajinagar is must. Just blocking the cross way is not the solution.

  4. instead of blocking can prevent one side movement of vehicles by either from 1st Gate or from mandoli road …..

  5. this seems to be a ridiculous one.. !! der r many ways to control traffic by puuting signal lights.. most used gate is 1st gate in belgaum. der r many diversions will take place. so i didnt agree with this kind of so CALLED traffic control..


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