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Traffic Police Video

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Rahul Walvekar uploaded this video on the Traffic police page and this is the video has been shot after he paid the fine for not wearing the helmet and then the conversation with the officer, when asked why isnt he acting upon the Ice cream stalls on the road and when asked dont they cause traffic problems, hear to what the officer replies, He says “Dont argue with me”

Traffic Police on it page made this comment: discliplinary action initiated against him.but one thing I would like to point out, there were 3-4 policemen there, at a time they may b able to stop 6-7 bikes only. further for how many more days and after how many more deaths will you start wearing helmets by yourselves so that v can concentrate on other offences

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  1. I asked the same question about the Ice Cream hawker to the said cop and answer he gave……..

    One don’t argue with me.
    Second we do not have 20 hands to catch everyone.
    Third don’t tell us what to do. We will do what we want.

  2. i dont see a point of this video. The inspector is just trying to implement the law. let him do his duty. citizens responsibility is to follow law by wearing helmet and not talk on mobile phone while driving. as he said he cant penalize each and every person.

    • If he is trying to do duty he should have penalised every one not wearing helmet. And he was not alone. He had 3-4 cops assisting him. In my opinion let every body be penalised who are not wearing helmet or everybody be let off. Fine one or two leave the others is not fair. We could see and hear in the video people riding without helmets.

  3. Good job by citizen journalist of Belgaum as to tell and show people how cops behave with public and the wonderful answers they give. I have told earlier here that though i don’t like to wear helmet i still do it, but i have seen some who don’t wear it at all and manage to get away. Are the cops sleeping that time. I feel rule of double standards in the same city. One wears helmet and the other doesn’t. I had been to Davengere and Chitradurga recently a week ago and no body wears helmet there and the cops are least bothered to ask forget fining them. Are we living in the same state. I think a month ago no body wear helmets here and suddenly it has been implemented and may be with the SP leaving the city it might change again. And if you ask people and if voting is done 90 to 95 percent would not want a helmet.

  4. no point of dis video…Inspector is just doing his job. the way other guy in the video is speaking wid inspector is unacceptable. police is not a one man army to catch all the person not wearing helmet. mr rahul grow up…police has no choice other dan catching randomly. .mr .rahul u make a mistake of not wearing helmet and suddenly of no were u realize ice cream stalls r causing traffic prob. is it bcoz u get caught for not wearing helmet!!!!! and d fella police is not eating money .he is giving a receipt.. .
    & this guy Rahul Walvekar is behaving as if he is being cheated . get a room rahul..

  5. No point of dis video.Dis guy rahul is behaving like an illiterate.. officer is doing his duty n he is not putting that money in to his pocket, he is giving them receipt… n about those people whom he is leaving, are those people r sons n daughters of his mama or wat so that he ll leave without penalizing them…. how can he catch all of them??? even i hav escaped many times like that… think practical Mr.Rahul.. don’t get frustrated coz he caught u….


    1. Please check that the Receipt Book that the Inspector is using to collect fines is current. These receipt books are old and out of date and not considered for accounting. All the money is pocketed by three-four Inspectors -Police…

    2. File a RTI report with Commissioner of Belgaum for details and make a complain regarding this unfair treatment to the Commissioner.

    3. Send the video clip to national Channels…. they want ANTI BJP Issues this is a good one to get attention …


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