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Tree Hacked to show up hoarding?

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Tree Chopped near Sanchayni Circle

With major traffic in the city passing by the Sanchayani Circle, Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle where city’s more than 40% of commercial hoardings are put up. The Area is under the cantonment but I guess this gives the Cantonment enough moolah that more permissions are given. Its good way to make moolah but why at the cost of trees.
The entire tree was chopped off on Monday morning whereas efforts could have been made to place the hoarding some meters away?

But who cares for mother nature?
Wouldn’t it be better that a few branches could be chopped why the entire tree?

3 thoughts on “Tree Hacked to show up hoarding?”

  1. Hoardings should be avoided on busy roads as they can divert the attention of motorists leading to accidents.


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