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Two more arrested in connection with Kakti gang rape case

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After the city was shocked with the news of a minor being raped by a gang of more than 5 persons on February 15 near Kakati, the police had arrested 4 of the accused and and sources have now confirmed that another two who were involved were arrested by the police based on information provided by the four accused.

How ever the police are yet to reveal their identities. The two arrested also confessed to their involvement in several cases related to vehicle thefts in Belagavi and surrounding region in the last few months.

The four who were arrested have been sent to judicial custody upto March 9 namely Sanju alias Baba Sidappa Daddi (24), a resident of Muthyanatti; Suresh alias Cacha Baramappa Belagavi (24), a resident of Muthyanatti; Sunil alias Yallapasya Lagamanna Rajakatti (21), a resident of Muthyanatti; and Mahesh Balappa Shivannagol (23), a resident of Managautti village in Hukkeri taluk.

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  1. Can you kindly use the work sexually assaulted instead of rape? It is a minor girl and you can lead by example. Also, have seen Swatee Jog write about so many things on your site. As a woman, it would be nice to hear her views in form of an article to sensitize the people on this heinous crime. You cannot let boys be boys. This brutal behavior needs shaming and education.

  2. ABB is just calling a spade a spade, Rita. I’m in no way condoning this heinous act. Was glad to read that hindalga jail inmates beat up the culprits.


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