Two arrested for smuggling liquor from Goa


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A total of 40 liters and 200 ml of Indian Made Foreign Liquor was seized from two persons at the Central Bus Stand in Belagavi on Friday by the City Crime Intelligence Bureau (CCIB).

Arun Chandrakant Mardolkar (59), a resident of New Goodshed Road, Belagavi and Vishwas Shamba Tari (57), a  resident of Haldoni in Maupsa (Goa) are the accused arrested by the CCIB.

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Tari is a conductor of the Kadamba bus from Goa, while Arun runs a saloon. As Tari used to come to Belagavi regularly he use to allegedly smuggle liquor from Goa to Belagavi and hand it over to Arun.

The CCIB acted on a tip off and caught the duo red handed when the IMFL was been unloaded.

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