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Two arrested from Kamat Galli for raising Pakistan Zindabad slogans

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A group of four youths in Kamat Galli burnt crackers and shouted Pakistan Zindabad on Sunday around 3.30 pm when a group of citizens caught them and thrashed them.

After the incident police rushed to the spot and were able to arrest two of the four who raised the slogans and are currently in the Market police station.

Just yesterday, A case of sedition was registered against Mohammad Shafi Benne of Ramdurg town for allegedly posting pro Pakistani message on Facebook.

pak slogan belagaviAfter the Pulwama attack, there has been a wave of such incidents in the entire country and especially on Social media.

The crowd was able to nab two of the four persons involved in this case and they tied them. The situation was tensed but the police came on time and arrested the duo.

The police are still investigating the matter and their identities have yet to be disclosed.

16 thoughts on “Two arrested from Kamat Galli for raising Pakistan Zindabad slogans”

  1. These poor gays don’t know what they are doing and they are arrested….what about persons like ex CM of J&K and many more say anything and no legal action against them is taken

  2. Just register a case of desh drohi and throw them in hindalga by issuing a non baileable warrant for 1 year

  3. They are not true Muslims.. true Muslims always love their country wherever they are living..
    Punishment is gift for them, put in behind the bars and give them third degree.
    Jai hind

  4. Strip their Indian citizenship and deport them to pakistan. Jish thali main khate usi pe ched karte hain, blood sucking pest

  5. Kon hai ye log
    Kahan se aate hey ye log
    Kya funkte hai ye log
    I guess they must be just stupid people with no work and empty mind
    Sending them to neighboring sh#t land is just like sending them overseas for a job interview
    Best is to put them on psychological therapy along with some jail term

  6. These worms should get proper lesson by the authority. Uneducated, unemployed idiots who dont have any other work and might be drug addicts does these kind of activity. As a Muslim i am truly ashamed on these kind of people.

  7. Are bhai a post shafi ke dost nagrajan ne kiya tha police ne nagrajan ko kal arest b kiya hai pehle nagrajan jese logo ko goli marni chahiye jo desh me nafrat fela rahe hain

  8. Editor will it possible to get any more details, like what punishment was given for shouting the anti national slogan… and who where these people and where they had come….

    It would be good if you the details and post on site….


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