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Two dead three injured near Idhalond, Khanapur

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In a head on collision of a Swift car and a NWKRTC bus near Idhalond on Khanapur Road, NH4A two persons died on the spot while three have been seriously injured. The accident occurred around 4.30 PM. 

Ramesh Tahshildar (28) Kasai Galli and Damodar (24) Gandhinagar have been identified as the deceased.

Damodar used to work abroad and was here for a holiday.


3 thoughts on “Two dead three injured near Idhalond, Khanapur”

  1. So Sorry to read, it’s high time that this road should be widened at the earliest and the so called Govt agencies like Forest Department should clear the project at the earliest keeping in mind the safety and well being of citizens..

  2. Apart from the road widening, i blame the car companies (For car built quality specially Maruti Suzuki) as well the individuals who drive the car without wearing the seat belts. Sorry for the loss. Tragic.

  3. What a sad news. This road has seen a huge surge in all range of traffic. It’s been around 7-8 years that the trees have been cut on BELGAUM-Khanapur road on the pretext of road widening. The road had such a beautiful canopy of tree cover. Present sight aces my heart. Somebody should be accountable for causing such a grave loss to mother nature.


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