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Union gymkhana to be handed over to Defence

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One of the oldest club in the city has been the talk of the town recently when they decided to raise the height of a boundary wall by which their privacy could be maintained.

The cantonment raised objections on raising the wall as many allege that the gymkhana is involved in serving liquor to it members without any permission.

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The cantonment lease of the same land is over in 2002 but the club was allowed to continue to work as they were facilitating and encouraging sports. But after complaints, the CEO of Cantonment has now decided to hand over the land to the Defense estate officer.

Once this is done the Union Gymkhana would be under the Defence and all the politics and irregularities would come to an end.

Liquor cannot be served there but even then it is served and now the point of raising the height of the wall was being primarily being done to maintain closed privacy to its members to which the Cantonment has opposed.


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  1. Yes liquor is served in the night to the club members…they can put an end to it. But sports should continue…even if army takes over !


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