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Unveiling the Challenges of Reporting Civic Issues in Belagavi: A Daunting Task

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By uday

As a resident of Belagavi, it can be a frustrating and time-consuming task to report and resolve civic problems. We’ve all encountered issues such as overflowing dustbins, unclean roads, and malfunctioning street lights, but often feel powerless to do anything about it as individuals.

However, it’s important to remember that these problems affect the entire community and can have serious consequences if left unaddressed. That’s why it’s crucial to take action and report these issues to the appropriate authorities.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know where to turn or who to contact when we encounter these problems. For example, did you know who is responsible for maintaining the street lights in the city?

Furthermore, it’s disheartening to see that the administration hasn’t made resolving citizen grievances a priority. It’s time for them to step up and take action to improve the quality of life for all residents.

There are numerous sites and apps available to address civic issues, but unfortunately, we have yet to see any real solutions or problems being solved. Even when utilizing the smart city app’s complaint section, our grievances are ignored and no updates were provided on the resolution. The integrated Command and Control center, only God knows what it does.

Similarly, the Janahitha platform was created to allow citizens to raise concerns related to Urban Local Bodies, but we have noticed that complaints are often marked as resolved without any actual changes being made.


To make matters worse, there are often jurisdictional issues that arise, with different areas falling under different governing bodies. Then there are those BORDER issues you can call them, sir this area is not under Corporation it is under BUDA or under Cantonment board. This area is under corporation but this work pertains to Smart city complaints to them. Water leakage is there but as the new road is made we need to get permission from Smart City and it is taking time.

Despite having social media accounts, the civic authorities are not utilizing them effectively. Their sporadic posts are often self-serving and they fail to engage with their audience by ignoring inquiries. This lack of communication leaves citizens feeling unheard and disconnected from their local government.

It is frustrating for citizens to have to navigate through various offices and departments to address their concerns, only to end up with no positive results. This is why we urgently need a centralized grievance handling system in Belagavi, where all complaints can be lodged and followed up on.

As a smart city, Belagavi must prioritize the implementation of smart systems and processes, as well as ensure that the people behind these systems are equally competent. It is time for the administration to step up and provide a more efficient and effective way for citizens to voice their concerns and have them addressed promptly.

So, the next time you come across a civic problem, don’t just ignore it and walk away. Take the time to report it and hold those in charge accountable for resolving the issue. Together, we can make Belagavi a cleaner, safer, and more livable city for all.

2 thoughts on “Unveiling the Challenges of Reporting Civic Issues in Belagavi: A Daunting Task”

  1. Your concern for the poor civic amenities is noteworthy and attracts attention from all the stake holders. As I am associated with Smart city project I wish to convey you the message that City corporation is the actual owner of all the assets developed by Smart city mission and there are 102 packages and except six to seven all are completed and ready for handing over to CCB or BUDA, but lethargic attitude of the official is delaying the process. Maintenance part of the projects is totally belongs to either CCB or BUDA.

  2. For the first time I am seeing such an effective and well written article which actually addresses a pressing concern of all residents of this beautiful city. You have aptly covered the helplessness of citizens as to who to go to and who is responsible for what?
    There is general apathy and in spite of enduring endless hardships due to problems you mentioned, we are pretty much left to accept these conditions with utter helplessness & despair!
    Keep up the good work and please publish more such articles highlighting our civic miseries, so the we sensitize relevant authorities. It would also be helpful if you publish contact information for specific problems!


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