Various repairs at Suvarna Vidhan Soudha to cost 1.5 crore

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The PWD has floated tenders for various repairs at the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha with a value of Rs. 1,56,58,168.27.

Repairs to false ceiling in selected portion due to moisture, partition to the joint secretary (Cabinet), Providing police frisking booth & Repairs to General toilet, Providing pressure tank, painting to kerbstones, repairs to verticle blinds, providing new verticle blinds in minister room, Covers to sofa, providing new fencing to south and west side, Providing sanitary fittings to selected toilets of Suvarna Soudha Belagavi- Rs. 1,56,58,168.27

Suvarna Vidhana Soudha svs

Name of the WorkEstimate Value
False ceiling in Selected Area951965.05
Wooden partition for joint Secretary (Cabinet)888682.86
Frisking Booths & Toilet Repairs624299.75
Supply and Fixing 500 litrs Pressure tank222087.3
Painting For Kerb Stones790031.92
Parking Facilities2227890
Vertical blinds & Sofa Covers1262365
Barbed wire Fensing1399403.75
Drain Work1768792.56
Repair and Painting for watch Towers251728.22
Painting (Building, & WTP)1330491.08
Plumbing Fittings1885350
Jungle Cutting outside the compound wall275000
Repairs to Chickmat1347230.78
Providing Computers & Accessiories432850

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