Veg prices dip in Belgaum


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Vegetable prices have seen a downward turn but the percentage of decline is more in the wholesale market than the retail.
Prices of tomatoes that had tucked Rs 35 a kilo last month have now come down to as low as Rs 12 a kilo. Prices of all other vegetables too have come down significantly.

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For instance, the wholesale rates for 10 kilos of some vegetables at Belgaum on Tuesday were cabbage (Rs 70-80), tomatoes (Rs 60-80), brinjal (Rs 80-90) and beans (Rs 80-90).

Even if retailers add a 50 percent profit margin on the wholesale rates, vegetables are now available at a substantially cheaper rate than previous month. For instance, the retail prices per kilo of vegetables in Belgaum on Tuesday were tomatoes (Rs 12-14), beans (Rs 18-20), cauliflower (Rs 20), potatoes (Rs 9) and onions (Rs 6-8).


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