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Very less water in Rakaskop and Hidkal

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The water level has dramatically come down in Rakaskop and Hidkal Reservoir. Rakaskop has around 3.05 feet of water while Hidkal has 17.5 feet of water.

Even if there are no rains water in Rakaskop will suffice until June first week and that from Hidkal up to July end.

As the water levels have decreased water supply is been done once in 7-8 days in the city.

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3 thoughts on “Very less water in Rakaskop and Hidkal”

  1. Fight for water has begun..
    Unmindfull of the consequences we are cutting down trees,using plastics.. thanks to zomato and swigy for increasing the usage, using vehicles etc
    Please use the valuable resources sparingly..
    Let us all take a pledge to do so and leave back a wonderful world for the generations to come.

  2. Come to maratha colony and watch the house owners bathe their gardens with their “it’s our well we’ll do what we want with it” mentality. God help us all.

  3. There a one more big Dam is available near Belgaum for drinking water, Tigadi-Giriyal Dam. Can be connect for Belgaum water requirements.
    Just 25 KM from Belgaum city.


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