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Volunteering the new passion

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Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain “to benefit another person, group or organization”.

This is what Belagavi saw in the past week and the same still continuing which is another reason to be happy.

Even before the Administration knew what was happening (it must be known as it must have got distressed calls) but the ones to help first were the Volunteers who had not religion, caste, but were on the ground amidst the water even up to 6 feet deep trying to save life’s and help stranded people in the horrific floods that the district saw last week.

Even before the administration set up relief camps, local Marriage halls opened their doors for the distressed. When the hoteliers heard about people been shifted to these halls and they need food they started providing food.

flood-waterThe word spread like a wildfire and each one came up to help. From the Ganesh Mandals to the group of friends, from temple committees to Masjid committees, from Church to Gurudwara each one had only one thing on mind save the people in distress.

Someone who sold water started supplying water, one who had food supplies gave away some food supplies.
Then there was a need to identify the loss after the houses were washed away and with the City part having access to good help some good Samaritans thought it good to the reach the rural areas where help had not yet reached.

May it be villages in Gokak or the remote villages in Khanapur, they visited the villages ascertained what the villagers needed urgently, then worked on it and set back again in a day supplying whatever they could gather.

The best part was to the speed at which the things were moving, if the govt moved at such pace then it would have been a wonder. But leave it they have lot of paperwork to be done and here it is only emotions.

Each one did their bit for their satisfaction, photo bombing happened but we can ignore that part when the society at large is benefited and benefited in time.

We salute each and everyone who has contributed to this wonderful gesture of companionship and compassion.
You stood together when it was needed, Thanks for all the time and efforts you have taken for making the life of the distressed a bit cheerful.

So Don’t forget to Volunteer for your own city and your nation.

5 thoughts on “Volunteering the new passion”

  1. Like to add to this that I too was amongst those who thought the Govt. Was lethargic but in reality it was not…as on my visit to a couple of relief camps the volunteers informed they were directly in contact with senior officials be it the commissioner or the RMO and their request was catered on priority…I realized it was unrealistic expecting the CMs, DCs or others to walk down the clogged water to prove their efficiency…I think this was the best approach as they were not media freaks but were sincerely working and coordinating with various committees and sangha or every camp that was set. What was amazing was the young boys and girls in mid twenties were huge in number…this Gen had food at roadside, shared the food at the grass roots. Cant thank enough, the college staff who stayed with their NSS and NCC teams …this was not duty but patriotism and humanity

  2. I totally agree with Rupa and also would like to share an incidence , one of the night when it was pouring heavily there was a short circuit and sparks at mid night around 2:00am near our house ,we neighbours called HESCOM Tilakwadi for the complaint , and within half an hours time a person from HESCOM was at our service that too at midnight, we thank them for this act and we also need to understand that the people in service knows it better which situation is more critical and to which the priority to be given, among 100 if only few are not working we should not blame all those who is doing there duty sincerely , let us also appreciate who work hard instead of blaming non workers ,it may also ignite the service conscious in those who has laid back attitude

  3. Belgaum has always been unique. It’s uniqueness is in its simplicity and humble nature of the people who are friendly irrespective of caste colour or religion. A genuine human being feels this in the AIR around the entire Belgaum District. The spirit is such that even officials and stalwarts who are in the District all are filled with this unique spirit of helping those in need. We wish this special gift that belongs to Belgaum spreads far and wide.


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