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Water of Rakaskop to suffice upto May end

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By uday

The Rakskop Reservoir is a vital water source for Belagavi city, and it is important to keep track of its water levels.

Currently, the reservoir has water storage of 2461 feet, which is 4 feet less than last year’s storage at the same time. However, with a daily draw of 1.5 feet of water, the current storage is expected to last for 70 days, until the end of May.

It is crucial to use water sparingly to avoid depleting the reservoir’s storage. If the water levels drop too low, the dead storage must be pumped, which is not ideal. To address this issue, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor visited the reservoir to assess the situation and gather information from officials.

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During the visit, officials confirmed sufficient water supply until the end of May. However, it is important to be mindful of our water usage to ensure that we have enough water for the future. Let us all do our part in conserving water and preserving this valuable resource.

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