Water Prices increase by a whopping 42%

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KUWASIP, the agency in charge of supplying water to Belgaum has increased the water prices for all uses by 42%.


This increase will be effective from August 2008 in the ward where there is 24-hour water supply. The wards where there is 24-hour water supply are ward no.3, 4,5,6,44,45 (full) & 7,8,46,48 (part).


The old rate was Minimum of Rs.83 for usage up to 15000 liters & Rs.5.60 per thousand liters later on.


Now in the new rates, a new slab has been created of 8000 liters.






New Rate per/1000 Liters

Amount Payable

Net payable
New Rates

Old Rate

0 to 8000





8001 to 15000





150001 to 25000




5.60 per/1000 Liters


Therefore, if your usage is of 15000 liters now you will have to shell Rs.118 versus the Rs.83 you were paying earlier, that is a whopping increase of 42%.


The minimum earlier was Rs.83 and now it is Rs.48 but first it was for 15000 liters and now it for 8000 liters.

When I spoke to a few residents in those areas, all were complaining that this increase is too much.


The water supplied to Belgaum and in some parts of Karnataka is managed by, under the supervision of the water board.


The image is of the pamphlets the water board is giving to all. It was given in both Kannad & Marathi, I chose the marathi one as it was clear & I could understand the matter in it. (I want no confusion or comments on why I selected the marathi pamphlet) newwaterprices


This kind of increase is untold to I believe. In this time of high inflation, this kind of an increase will create more holes in the pockets.


Your comments on the increase of prices  are welcome.

Thanks to Shashidhar Mahendrakar our Netizen Journalist for providing all the info.

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