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Water to be sourced from Dead stock as Half feet water in Rakaskop

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By uday

The Rakskop Reservoir, a vital source of water for Belagavi city, is currently experiencing a severe shortage. The water level has dropped to a mere half a foot at the third and lowest valve, causing a significant interruption in the water supply.

To address this issue, the management is using two 50 horsepower motors additional water supply will be drawn from the deadstock of the reservoir.

Last year, the water level on the same day was significantly higher, and there was no shortage of water due to the abundant supply. However, this year, No rains until mid-June have caused a decrease in water storage, leading to a serious water problem for the city dwellers. Currently, the city and suburbs are being supplied with water once a week and some areas have to wait for more.


In 2019, the Water Supply Board used three electric motors to supply water from the deadstock for the first time in history and pumped 6 feet of water.

The water in Hidkal has also gone down significantly.

Despite the low water level, there is a reserve of water in the deadstock that can provide a smooth supply for at least 10-15 days.

Now only the Monsoon can save Belagavi.

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