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Water woes of Maan villagers with only one well

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Maan village situated just 5 kms from the Kalsa Banduri nala project is suffering a lot due non availability of water as the only well in the village built in 1955 dries up as early as 9 am.

maan village maan village maan village The Kalsa Banduri project may be boon for many but for these villagers it is not. With no proper roads to the village even tankers cant go to the place. The New Indian Express made this interesting story about this village and along with Pyaas Foundation, sources have confirmed that 5 tankers have been sanctioned by the administration for Maan, Vadgaon and Ambgaon.
The Tahshildar today visited these villages along with Volunteers of Pyaas foundation to ascertain the real situation. Pyaas Foundation has been providing water tankers to Vadgaon in the past week.

The Maan village has a population of around 1000 people and the only well dries up early. Villagers can draw the water from 6 am to 9 am and the ones who arent lucky to get water will be the first ones to get the next morning as per the rule of the village community.

The entire village is poor and most of the inhabitants work as coolies and porters. There was a scheme to get water to Maan from a nearby village Chowky about 3 kms away but as the said well has gone dry that scheme is also in jeopardy.

Another project to get water to the village was left incomplete as the contractor who hopefully made money but did not complete the project but just threw some pipes near the village and never turned up again.

People living in urban areas might not face such harsh conditions but just 40 kms away from Belagavi there are places where there are no roads, no water supply even after 69 years of independence.

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