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What is the ICC doing currently?

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We have this wonderful looking Integrated Command control center in Visveshvaraya Nagar built by the Smart city limited, What is it doing currently?
We have shared earlier than 100 is nonresponsive in an emergency so are the HESCOM numbers.


City Corporation no one is aware of which number to call.
No beds are available for COVID patients they have to go from hospital to hospital in search of beds.
Then if such a command center is built why not make use of it with a central single number helpline which can take care of these. It could be in the plan to be executed at a later stage but as now it is the need of the hour Administration must look into this. A single helpline for an emergency where the query raised is directed to the concerned department.


In cities like Bengaluru there are helpline numbers, ward wise numbers, nodal officers for each private hospital, and all such numbers are prominently shared, but for Belagavi do we ever know of such a thing.

Look at this, for example, many complained about private hospitals charging more the minister said they won’t be spared but NO ONE deemed it fit to release a helpline number where such a complaint can be made.

So may on papers and documents the same would be there but the public must know about it, or else it is like You pretend to hit me, I’ll pretend to cry.
Only saying we are Smart city that too selected in the first 20 is of no use, a little smartness must be displayed.


2 thoughts on “What is the ICC doing currently?”

  1. It sounds everything is in a mess …belgaumites are supposed to find their own ways… really fearful and panicking when in the family a member is infected and no one is there to help you out

  2. There is definitely a need to change the present head of Belagavi Smart City Ltd (BSCL), who has been found wanting in the execution of so many works undertaken by BSCL. Through this forum I request the Hon’ble Minister Shri Ramesh Jarkiholi to ease out Mr Shashidhar Kurer and bring in a dynamic officer to head the Smart City project so that the ongoing works are expedited and effectively supervised.


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