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Whatsapp group admin from Belagavi arrested

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Akshay Algudikar, a 20-year-old resident of Mahveer Nagar, Udyambag who is the admin of Whatsapp group named Star was arrested by the Belagavi police for spreading communally provocative messages.

Akshay has been charged under sections 292 (circulation of unlawful or obscene material), 295 A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings) and 34 (illegal act done by many with common intention) of IPC and section 67 (circulation of unlawful or obscene material) of Information Technology Act.

Akshay added two people to the said group who belonged to a neighboring country and they posted anti-national messages in the group. Which went viral and the two left the group. But the Admin of the group again added them to the group. Police also say he might have created fake profiles and posted messages.

Currently he has been arrested and produced in the court.

7 thoughts on “Whatsapp group admin from Belagavi arrested”

  1. Obvisouly the report has been changed slightly. The Admin added two people from Belgaum and not from neighbouring country. And then went about with the verbal abuse said person religion and race. Maybe caste and creed too. This angered them and they lodged the complaint. Whatsapp was just the medium. If this was 10 yrs ago, it would have been Facebook. If 20? Orkut . If 30? Yahoo messenger. If beyond 40? Letters. If old times , leather and if this was the start of civilisation, stones.

  2. Gr8 step towards a peaceful India. All anti-social & anti-national elements shud be punished irrespective of their religion.

  3. This is the way to stop riots good steps no one should be spared who ever takes law in hands should be done same and let’s speak about development not division among Hindus and Muslim already there r many things to be done


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