Whistle blower Jayanth Thinaikar attacked

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Jayanth Thinaikar crusader against stamp paper kingpin Telgi that resulted in his arrest was attacked near Zad Shahpur on the outskirts of Belagavi on Friday night by some unidentified persons.

Persons who were masked came on bikes and attacked Jayant with metal rods in which his leg and hand have been injured and is currently taking treatment in a private hospital in the city.

The miscreants stopped Thinaikar’s car and attacked him.

Thinaikar has also been crusading against the corruption in the govt offices and illegal encroachment on govt land in Khanapur.

Tinaikar’s efforts resulted in the government confiscating property worth Rs. 4000 crores and succeeding in putting behind bars about 400 people involved in the scandal.

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Tinaikar and Telgi were born and brought up in Khanpur where Tinaikar was running a family-run hotel and Telgi was selling fruits on the footpaths of Khanpur and leading a hand-to mouth existence. Telgi who had disappeared all of a sudden had returned after a few years and he aroused Tinaikar’s suspicion when he went on a buying spree immovable property at prices much higher than the market price. Once Tinaiker got a clue that something was drastically wrong he did not relax.

For seven long years starting from 1996 he knocked at the doors of all concerned officials and even wrote to the President but received no response. Undaunted, he continued his crusade and his efforts bore fruit when Telgi was arrested in 2001 in Ajmer, Rajasthan by the then Police Commissioner of Bangalore H T Sangliana acting on a tip-off given by Tinaikar. Though he faced death threats Tinaikar continued with his battle spending his own money and almost became a bankrupt by the end of his crusade. In return all he got was a reward of a paltry sum of Rs. 2000 from the government, for saving several hundred crores of revenue, which Tinaikar refused to accept.

Despite facing such iniquitous treatment and threats to his life Tinaikar has continued with his battle. He now heads a social organization “Save India Mission” and fights against corruption. In October last he has filed a complaint to Lokayukta against Belagavi DC against illegal conversion of agricultural land. Despite the authorities dampening his spirit with their apathetic behavior and attitude Tinaikar continues with his campaign and is a role model to all.

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  1. Respect and salute to this brave soul. Praying for his speedy recovery. Hope the culprits are identified and dragged behind bars.


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