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Witnesses of intercaste marriage unhumanly assaulted

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Anil and his friend, Ganesh, both from Khudanur, were witnesses to the registered marriage of Shubhangi and Prabhakar Ashok Vaddar and intercaste marriage registered about 10 days ago.

The man wielding the hockey stick is Suresh Ghatge, reportedly an aide of the local MLA Sanjay Patil. Patil has denied any knowledge of the incident and has said that there was no question of shielding the accused. A gruesome video of two people stripped naked and being beaten with a hockey stick is doing the rounds through WhatsApp forwards. The incident occurred on the evening of November 3 at Uchgaon and that the two complainants hailed from Chandgarh taluk in Kolhapur district across the border. One of them videographed the assault and threatened them if they informed the police.

According to the FIR, the victim lodged the complaint with the Kakti police station on November 10. 7 people have been arrested in the case. 

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  1. The goon should be treated in the same way ,lashed and belted back and blue in public. They have no right to threaten somebody else’s freedom. Secondly all those who refused to file the FIR should be expelled from duty not suspended, they are suppose to maintain law & order. Normal people are taken for granted so its high time to throw away all such people in jail for lifetime, they are not good to society & not productive to country .


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