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Woman with Auto-immune disease delivers healthy baby after 8 abortions

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34 years woman who had suffered 8 abortions and 2 still births was diagnosed as Auto-immune disease was carefully managed for 9 months by Consultant and delivered a female baby through caesarean section at KLE Centenary Charitable Hospital, Yellur Road, Belagavi on 29th March. Thanks to the excellent facilities at Hospital, regular follow-up by Doctors and periodic counselling offered to expectant mother culminated in a result whereby a most awaited female baby is born to jubilant women of June Belagavi.

Comin from a lower middle class background from Old Belagavi married for over 12 years, the couple were looking for child since over decade. She conceived for 10 times and has to go through 8 times abortions owing to various medical reasons like poor growth of the baby, poor heart murmur, found to have water in the brain and other complications. Though she delivered twice both times it was premature and babies succumbed to death immediately after delivery.

The medical history of the women was complex and challenging opined Dr. Satish Dhamankar, Senior Consulting Obstetrician. The detail history of the women was analysed and diagnosed as auto immune disease where by foetus rejects the growth of the baby. The more complex part was women who go through multiple abortions or miscarriage are more likely to face complications during pregnancies, we took it as a challenge and were determined to do our best said Dr. Dhamankar immediately after the delivery of the baby.

Women who have multiple abortions face higher chances of vaginal bleeding, pre-term birth, low birth weight and placenta complications. We overcome all these difficulties by constant follow-up, good medical management and one to one counselling helped. The female baby is weighing 2.25kg and healthy said. Dr. Priyadarshni Kowtal, Paediatrician.

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  1. its very help full and very much good news which I read now congratulation to doctor who gave here a chance to be came a mother and final got fully healthy baby its god grass.

    thanks to every one who gave here courage.


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