Woman killed in bear attack

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satyabhamaSatyabhama Shankar Gawade (52) of Betane village in Khanapur taluk was killed by in a bear attack on Sunday evening. Two bears attacked the group of 4 women returning home. Also the cubs attacked. Satyabhama was infront and hence fell victim while the others could flee.

Forest department has announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh for the family members of the deceased. Deputy Conservation of Fortest Madhav Ambadi handed over the cheque of Rs 2 lakh to the family members of Satyabhama on Monday.  

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  1. Days are not far to see such incidents happening in Belgaum City if the human encroachment is not STOPPED. Let the wildlife live undisturbed its my humble submission to all………

  2. Before commenting, think of a situation.
    The people in city go and disturb the wildfile for fun.
    But the people who resides in villages near forest are disturbed a lot by wildlife, go to the villages like Bastwad, In rainy season they wont have road to come to city, they get isolated because of dense forest region.
    Their crops are disturbed by elephants during harvesting etc etc..


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