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Woman killed on Yellur road as Truck hits activa

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Nirupa Jotiba Ghadi aged 35 resident of Tanaji Galli Yellur was killed on the spot as her Activa was hit by a tipper from behind.

The accident occurred on the Yellur road near the KLE Hospital. She was traveling along with her husband as a pillion when a speeding tripper hit their Activa from behind making Nirupa fall down and the tyres bruised her head badly. Jotiba is injured and is been treated in the hospital.

The Tipper did not stop after the accident and fled away and the police are still searching for the Tipper and the driver.


4 thoughts on “Woman killed on Yellur road as Truck hits activa”

  1. Stop this Bloddy bull shits tippers and heavy loaded vehicles in cities
    They shud b only allowed via high ways
    Rest in peace
    And people won’t folow the rules Helmet

  2. This road of yellur has become very dangerous and life risking…
    It is read and known by such frequent accidents..
    Why can’t we have speed breakers on every 100 meters because speed limit will not be controlled by the riders and drivers by their own…
    Politicians and bureaucrats just read the accidents and get aside….

  3. Generally seen that such heavy vehicles are driven rashly because these are owned by politicians or their relatives and no driver ever gets life imprisonment. And they are mostly drunk. And still we believe in this politician run democracy.

  4. I am damn sure the women was not wearing a helmet! And yes the Tripper driver is at major fault aswell. Have seen a lot of accidents where the driver doesn’t even bother to stop and check for his greive mistake.


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