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Women drive for cause of Breast Cancer at the Times Women’s Drive

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Times Women’s Drive has grown bigger, setting new milestones with each passing year. This year, the participants collectively polled a record 30 lakh votes from their acquaintances from over 100 countries, to get themselves selected for the drive. The drive has emerged as a platform for modern Indian women to show their indomitable spirit by taking up new challenges, and boldly displaying their concern on issues affecting women.

Three women from Belagavi namely Mrs Shruti Anand Desai, Mrs Sneha Sushim Gotadki & Ms Janhavi Satish Angolkar participated in the rally which was held recently under the name “THE EXCLAIMERS”.

times women driveAbout 450 cars participated from Bengaluru in the event which culminated at Goa.
The car was decorated with slogans to create awareness .

Birth ! The beginning of new life , Women create life and they should be respected. We ” THE EXCLAIMERS ” are here to urge our women to stand up for themselves .

To speak .

To express .

To protest .

Most of all to EXCLAIM for their rights.

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