Women to ride E-Rikshwas in Town

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The Smart City project will implement the e-rickshaw project under the Centre’s Smart City Mission program in Belagavi and promote women empowerment 7 out of the 31 E-Rikshaws will be driven by Women.

All permanent residents of Belagavi can apply for the same up to July 15 2019.

The form is available here or at the Smart city office in Tilakwadi.

erikEarlier as well the Corporation has given rikshaws under various schemes but this time 7 have been earmarked for women.

The allottees will have to pay a certain sum like men will have to pay 90,750 that is the 50% value of the E-Rikshaw. While the women will have to pay only 25%, that is 45375.
The person who applies for the e-Rikshaw will have to be run by himself or her self and cannot be given to anyone else.

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