Work of RoB to begin only after Traffic report from Commissioner

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After the British Era built RoB has been closed for traffic, there have been various meetings under various banners and the Administration is also keeping a close eye on the developments.

Speaking to the delegation consisting of various organizations Deputy Commissioner Ziaullah categorically said that work on the RoB would begin only after he gets a detailed Traffic report from the commissioner of Police Krishna Bhata. So until then work will not be started.

Many organizations have asked the administration to commence work this RoB only after the Old PB road RoB is opened for public and sources say it could complete by December.

british-RoB-belagaviCommissioner of Police Krishna Bhata who has been keeping a close eye on the traffic diversions said, his team is working for 16 hours a day and trying to create passages which will have smooth traffic. He said he would submit a detailed report in 3 days to the Deputy commissioner which will also include suggestions and observations from various citizens.

So after this on day three of the diversions in place traffic is mostly moving smoothly at First gate and Second gate and Kapileshwar RoB, but at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd railways gates long traffic snarls upto 20 mins are seen as the gates are closed for train to pass, otherwise the traffic movement is quite smooth.

5 thoughts on “Work of RoB to begin only after Traffic report from Commissioner”

  1. Taking suggestions from various quarters will only add to more complexity…
    Just move ahead with the construction of the ROB…
    In case any fatal Accident occurs these same people will question the authorities…..

  2. The construction should be start as soon as possible, the traffic is not as Bangalore, the Belgaum traffic is violated bcos of not proper traffic plans and more cuts in dividers the police should think of verious road plans

  3. As I heard that new bridge is going to be 4 lane if this is so, why not the government should begin the work of two lane first and thereafter two lanes in second phase, which will ease traffic congestions.


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