Youth murdered near OLD PB Road over trivial issue

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In an incident near Dhakoji Hospital Old PB Road in Belagavi, a 35-year-old mechanic was brutally murdered by miscreants over a trivial issue.

Mahesh Jnaneswara Kamannache aged 35 of Halga used to work as a mechanic in a garage near Khasbag.

Yesterday evening he had been with a car for a test ride where a bike dashed the car and there was a scuffle between Mahesh and the accused.

The mechanic’s father, and his mother, were on their way to the hospital, watching this commotion when the car mechanic was quarreling with the biker.


The biker called someone over the phone and they all attacked Mahesh with cycle chains and swords.

Injured Mahesh was rushed to the hospital but died during treatment.

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