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BJP might win-but ground realty is different-exit poll

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An exit poll was conducted online by this website on the voting day.

BJP’s Suresh Angadi has 67% votes, Amarsinh Patil 24%, A B Patil 5%, Bhavi Kasturi 1%, VIJAYKUMAR UPADYA 1% & ASHOK HANAJI 2%.



To be frank I don’t agree by this exit poll. See the evidences in the recent poll that happened. The polling was quite subdued and the Marathi manoos this time voted in very small number and this is a big hit to BJP and the Minorities and others have voted on earlier lines which means Congress and JD S will gain in this circumstance. The sample size who voted in this exit poll were computer literate and mostly youngsters which cannot be taken for granted as the exit poll for the entire constituency.But to me and news pouring in of other exit polls is BJP will not do good in Mumbai Karnataka i.e. Belgaum Chikodi and Karwar. The difference of margin would be 15 to 20 thousand or even less.

The notable factor as I have been saying on this blog it’s not easy for BJP to retain this seat. Even though this exit poll shoes you that BJP is in the lead by a good margin it could just be the opposite also.

Politics is a funny game and you can’t predict the JANTA’s vote.






Disclaimer: The results of the exit poll are indicative in nature and the exit poll taken was on a sample of 143 only, which by any means will not represent the whole constituency. The entire poll was voluntary and online which means people who had access to the Internet only participated in the exit poll. 

Whatever may be the result, but this was an earnest effort from my side to have an exit poll in Belgaum (I haven’t heard of exit poll in Belgaum till date done by local media). The margin of error here is Maximum, I did mistakes but this was first chance at this one, Next time it will be perfect. Now will this result hold good in real is to be seen & if it does give me a Thumbs up or a Thumbs down. 

Sample size is not correct as it is too small. All Exit polls take caste as a major consideration, I havent done that either.

 In the 143 how voted in the exit poll 97% were Males and only 3% femalesgender



The age group who participated was as followsage





No dount this poll shows BJP leading, the thruth could be different so stay tuned.





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