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Campaigning ends tomorrow

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It’s almost here; the voting day just a couple of days ahead & the candidates and their party workers are making their final efforts to woo the voters.


  Tomorrow is the last day for campaigning and all candidates are trying to reach that part of the constituency that they have not yet covered. It’s not only candidates but their others half’s also that are taking keen interest in the canvassing.vote1


As the doom day comes closer now all the activities after tomorrow will be different and as it is said the night before voting day is very crucial and loads of money change hands (I haven’t seen this but just heard).    

Now all depends on Thursday 23rd how many people come out and vote & once that is done then it’s almost a month long wait to know who our MP is?

The counting this time is GIT I guess and the college has been closed since all the necessary arrangements have to be made. The college will be closed from 23 and sealed as all the EVM will be kept there.


These 15 odd days have been troublesome for the common man, the first month of the year normally businessmen need new bond papers and during these 15 days the State bank of Mysore the sole distributor of stamp papers has stopped it due to lack of staff as the staff is on election duty. The same prevails in some nationalized banks as well.


Even commuters have not been left behind as almost 300 buses of the NWKRTC have been put on election duty and another 200 more would be put on duty from Wednesday to Friday. Hence many bus routes have less number of busses plying which is causing hardships to the commuters. The police also are very busy with the ‘Bandobast’ for the elections and forces from Kerala have been called in to support the local police to ensure safe polling.


In all it’s a wait now for that moment in Democracy where each one should come out and vote.


Ghar mein Baithne se, Chillane se Kuch nahi Hoga, Bahar Aa ke Vote do.

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