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I was first voter in my booth

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bgmevm Today is the day where we as citizens of democratic country have to vote and fulfill their duty in a democracy.

 I was there at the polling booth at 6.57am and at 7 am I entered the polling booth to cast my vote but to my surprise as the Polling agents (agents of candidates) had not yet come and the EVM had yet to be sealed.

The polling officer there said that he would seal the EVM in my presence and I could vote later. During this time the polling agents came in and then the process of sealing was done and I could vote at 7.25am to be precise.

 Till 7.25 am only one other person was there who had come for voting. Normally at the beginning only senior citizens is seen voting, but this time the picture was bit different as I could not see many people there. Although by 8.15 am 26 persons had voted in my booth of about 793 voters.

So I did my but by voting did you do your duty in democracy? If not get up and go; Vote and come back.

 Voting should pick up by noon and we should be able to reach the 60% average mark by 5pm. One notable factor this time is the lack of interest in voting in the elderly. I had asked a few elderly yesterday as when will they go to vote and they had said, we won’t vote this time. But a few of them did come out to vote as I am writing this.

 Last night is normally a ‘Kattal raat’ where money change hands not in lakhs but in crores. Inputs from papers suggest that crores of rupees have changed hands last night, that’s another side of democracy.

 Still 23 days more for us to know who our MP will be till then keep counting…

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