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Abhay Kanvinde’s creative pursuits with his mobile

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Live the moment”, many motivational speakers say, but Abhay Kanvinde says don’t just live the moment but capture and treasure them forever. Many of us commute on public transportation and wish that the minutes would fly by. Abhay makes the most of this typically boring experience with his creative pursuits. He spends plenty of time riding buses or autos to get to work and during these trips, he pulls out his Huawei phone and captures compelling moments in the everyday lives of strangers.

An interior designer by profession, Abhay Kanvinde started clicking photographs since 2014 with a basic model of Nexus mobile. He walked through the streets of Belagavi and started capturing pictures. He then moved to Pune and continued with his passion for clicking.

Today Abhay has redefined mobile photography as has a huge follower base on social media. There are many things to learn from his photographs and they are nothing less than notes for any photography classes and has inspired thousands to start using their mobiles in a creative way.

Abhay Kanvinde
Abhay Kanvinde

According to Abhay, mobile photography is very convenient, especially when you are capturing moments. It is handy, it doesn’t catch the eye of the subject, it doesn’t make the subject conscious and lets you click a natural casual moment with the ease of setting the angle and the frame.

Abhay says it’s not the camera but the vision that is important. If the subject and composition are good, the camera doesn’t matter. He learned photography all by himself by clicking more and more photos until he got the perfect click. He observed and studied photographs of professional photographers and followed pictures of Mangesh Bhayde from Mumbai whom he considers as his inspiration.

Abhay Kanvinde mobile photographyAbhay Kanvinde mobile photographyAbhay Kanvinde mobile photographyAbhay Kanvinde mobile photographyAbhay Kanvinde mobile photographyAbhay’s photographs are known as talking photos as he captures moments that speak by itself. Hence he has no caption or minimum description for his cellshots as he leaves it to the people to look at it from their own perception and imagination. His every click has some moment captured in them that will leave you mesmerized.

Abhay has participated in photography exhibitions and is also a part of the organizing team of Drishtikon, a very prestigious photography exhibition in Pune. He is a co-admin of the group Cellshots Belgaum which has around 25000 members who are posting their cellshots on a daily basis. Abhay is soon going to launch his photography book which will have loads of moments captured and a treat to all our eyes.

AbhayBelagavi is developing and changing very rapidly. Abhay urges Belgaumites to explore the streets of Belagavi and click more and more pictures of the heritage structures, food, landscapes, people, festivals, culture, etc and treasure them for you and generations to come.

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