Auto Driver Turns His Auto Into An Ambulance At Night

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Meet Manjunath Ningappa Pujari, He drives an Ola auto every day between 6 pm to 9 am and offers free rides to those in emergency situations as the same auto doubles up as an ambulance which serves the needy at night especially for Ashray foundation.

One can call him at the odd hours of the night, and he is always ready to help out. He even sends a part of his income to help the needy in shelter homes.

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He works as a supervisor in the day at IL& FS and after his day job he now has also started another job of collection of cable charges for the local operator.

Speaking to AAB, Manjunath said, I thought of taking this up as he had to toil hard to arrange an auto for pregnant woman in his neighborhood and by the time she was taken to hospital she died. Hence after this incident I started to double up my auto as an ambulance as a service to society.

This down to earth man is always ready to help anyone in need as he feels if I drop someone to a hospital, it is only that he making the patients life more comfortable and at the same time in contributing to the society. So when someones call him to drop to the hospital he does not insists that such customers pay for the ride. It is critical time sometimes and if I help some one it is my good luck, he says.

His contact nos:  9964375115, 9449014362

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