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All About Belgaum – A Journey of and for Belagavi

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By uday

In the midst of madness, there still is hope…

The excesses of modern living have taken their toll on society or rather even humanity at large. The city of Belagavi gradually makes this transition to what should be rather then what has always been. This ongoing path of development has brought with it some unique challenges.

While larger buildings and wider roads come up in the city, there is also an increase in the number of homeless. While the modern generation gets ready for the demands of the earning game and moves to greener pastures, the elderly get ignored and feel lost in their own city. As spaces get cleared for human habitation, thousands of trees are felled and the rain chooses to stay away, the summers get hotter and the living more difficult.
As the population grows, so does the need for basic amenities like education and healthcare. As hundreds get richer, thousands continue to languish in the woes of poverty and ensuing diseases and malnutrition. As the population continues to grow, so does the garbage problem and the lack of sanitation in town leading to epidemics that should have been history by now.

aab-jourWhile most embrace all these and more as a way of life, the region of Belagavi also has those who stand up for the cause of citizens at large. On one side we have organisational effort like the KLE Society which has set up two charitable hospitals in town and is doing wonderful work for rural education and healthcare; and the numerous Rotary, Lions, the Round table and Giants clubs/organizations who are also providing healthcare, shelter, support for education and a myriad of other services.
We also have Shri Vijay More taking care of the elderly, providing support for education through the Vidya-Adhar initiative and even cremating unclaimed bodies. We have the stalwart Shri Shivaji Kagnikar who has single handedly transformed the rural areas through afforestation, bio gas and a host of other facilities.
We have the Rotary- E Club which is providing yeoman services through polio corrective surgery and support for education; Ekal Abhiyan which works for families in the tribal areas, the Pyaas foundation which re-created a lake and provided water to the villages in the heat of summer; the Mahesh Foundation which provides shelter to children afflicted by AIDS and invaluable support for people living in the slums, the Snahalaya’s Sparsh and Amities Ankur who care for the specially abled, the Prajwal organization which takes care of children rescued from child labour and the Green Saviours team which has taken up plantation and preservation of trees in the region. There also is a long list of individuals who in their own capacity are taking care of the less fortunate.

While the polity and the administration go about their routine with little or less regard for the actual needs of town, the city of Belagavi is blessed to have all those mentioned above and more who are doing their bit despite the rest of the challenges.

And then, you have the voice of Belagavi, All About Belgaum who tries to bring all these initiatives to the fore in an attempt to reach out to the citizens in and beyond Belagavi, trying to add sense to this madness of unplanned and reckless development. For us it has been a journey of reasonable accomplishment since we commenced as a small blog just a few years ago.
We dedicate our efforts to the work and commitment of everyone who seeks to add their own little value to living in our own sweet spot on this wonderful blue planet.

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