Belgaum Leadership Academy conducts Management Marathon 48 Hours on the Trot


Belgaum Leadership Academy is currently conducting a Management Marathon on campus for its MBA students. 50 students on campus will be exposed to an industry first flagship management program where in they will undergo rigorous management training for 48 hours non stop.

The program commenced on 5th December at 09:00 hrs and will conclude on 7th December at 09:00 hrs. As part of this fervent management exercise students of Belgaum Leadership Academy will be exposed to a serious of events and programs conducted by industry experts.


The concept of this event was planned, conceived and executed by Dr. Aadil Bandukwala of Talent Onions Recruitment Consulting and Prof. Vishal Kalasannavar of Belgaum Leadership Academy.bla2bla1bla3bla4

Mrs. Sadhna Pote – Employment Officer of Belgaum commenced the proceedings of this exercise on the 5th of December by training students on Stress Management and Health Hazards. It was a two -ay participative session where in students for the first time were exposed to common myths and truths of day to day health and the importance of organizing one’s life to maintain decorum and release occasional stress.

Prof. Vishal Kalasannavar – Managing Director, Belgaum Leadership Academy took the students through an exciting round of management debates and explained to the students the relevance of body kinesics.

Prof. Sameer Majali facilitated a gamut of students that participated in an intensive yet intellectual round of group discussion where in themes like management education vis a vis technical education and cyber policing were discussed.

Mrs. & Mr. Vijay Majali – Founders of Kaivalya Yog Mandir interacted with the students on the importance and relevance of Yoga and undertook a live session spanning 60 minutes on Yoga.

Dr. Aadil Bandukwala – Chief Executive of Talent Onions Recruitment Consulting, kept the students awake all night by taking them through a series of online management games and business simulation exercises followed by management concepts and international tweening.

Mr. Vijay A G – Manager HRIS & Capability Building at Titan Industries Ltd., Bangalore held an exhaustive session where in the students had to dabble with functional case studies in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Financial Management, Bangalore

Dr. Madan – Honorary Special Police Officer of Belgaum was an active part of this management marathon and enthusiastically interacted with the students of BLA.

Important dignitaries like Deputy General Manager of BSNL, Belgaum, Joint Director of District Industries Centre along with a couple of reputed businessmen, industrialists and practicing managers also participated and engaged the students as part of this program.

The students are being trained to operate by sleeping minimally as part of this program. Sleeping zones in the form of six tents have been created and on a timely basis students are allotted sleeping / rest hours.

Prior to this management marathon of 48 hours, a week back, BLA did a pilot test by organizing a beta program of 24 hours non stop so as to successfully prepare the students of be ready for this management grandeur.

A management event of such magnitude and student involvement has been an industry first for this part of the country. The event was conceived and designed with the thought of giving the students a reality check in the world of management education and training. Setting the students aspirations right, the importance of achievement orientation and knowledge enhancement were key elements of this management marathon.

Belgaum Leadership Academy believes that one can be instrumental in contributing to National Development through the empowerment of individuals. It is by building on the human resource that one can realize the dream of being ‘World Class Leaders’ in every sense of the term.

Belgaum Leadership Academy
Kalasannavar Farms, Teachers Colony, Khasbag, Belgaum.



  1. Reminds me of the techniques followed in some of our armed forces and commando drills. It is great to see the future corporate leaders undergoing intesive training where they will be able to realize their potentials. Vishal, Adil and team a wonderful concept!


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