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Extortion for Drug abuse from School children – PARENTS BEWARE !!

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Drug abuse is nothing new to any City and is Belagavi left behind. On earlier occasions also, drug peddlers were nabbed by the Police from the heart of the city. Drug peddlers are targeting youth, particularly the teenagers in schools and colleges. Most of the victims are from schools and colleges, especially professional institutions.

Peddlers are developing a network with senior students in schools and colleges. Their modus operandi begins with luring students at pan shops located in busy junctions, wine shops, and bars through their network of agents and sell the same by packing in smaller sachets to students, who are smoke it through cigarettes, sources said.

Now, however, there is the completely new side that we recently discovered in schools, not one school but we saw similar cases in other schools as well.

Drug addicts and peddlers, to fulfill their evil needs of drugs have now started to approach school children, the majority of those who are financially affluent.

Modus operandi :

The peddlers identify one to three children from a school and who could also be involved in drug abuse or a few might not but are of notorious nature. These children work as undercover agents for the peddlers.

Later on, they identify a child who is from a financially affluent family who is capable of getting cash/ jewelry/electronics/etc or any expensive items from home that could be sold to fulfill their needs.

In the case, we recently saw that the black color live tortoise was used (in some cases COINS), which was posted as an expensive one. Likewise, the child was also made aware of its value & the child was made the custodian with full trust shown in him and handed over to the child which usually children’s get attracted to. This child brought the tortoise on regular basis to the school.

The game begins now. The undercover agent for the peddlers, in this case, the notorious children in school who were identified earlier, target the child and steal away the tortoise and the blackmailing begins from here.

He’s threatened, abused by them to either get back the same tortoise which was posed to be an invaluable & rare one or he pays the cost of it. The child gets entangled in this wicked game & starts stealing valuables from home (money/ jewelry/electronics/etc) whichever he finds handy to save his life.

He’s in so much trauma, he starts panicking, stays depressed & totally losses focus on his school activities & the innocence is lost.

Meanwhile, parents are busy blaming each other for the loss of the valuables from the house, but the child never comes under focus. The parents never realize the stress or depression their child is undergoing.

Day after day the child is extorted for money and he continues to steal from home under pressure.

The child also gave some signals to the parents, like I have had a fight in school, and parents said small fights happen. Learn to manage yourself and if the child insists they once came to school and warned a few of his friends.

But one day as they demand another 20,000 the child makes up his mind to inform his parents and explains the entire story. This time the father understood the plight of his child and comes to his rescue and with the help of some social workers and Rickshawala mama near the school.

It is a fact that many students are addicted to drugs and alcohol due to mental stress, family problems and poor love and affection from the parents, at the tender age. We request the parents to spend some time with their children and keep a tab on their movements.

The culprits are now being investigated is what we know. This is not a one-off case for a school or a child, it could be anyone’s child.

What Parents need to do:

Please keep a check on your children’s activities, get know his/her friends and does your child have some friend who is very older to him.

Report anything suspicious to the authorities immediately

Be friendly with kids & share a comforting relation with the kids.

Keep an account of the expenditure or try and spend yourself on his needs.

Visit school & teachers regularly

Check if the kid is depressed or if regularly low on certain things.

In case of any further leads or similar cases or reports, please feel free to call Kiran 9742667777. He can help you. This is for a better society.

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