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Inspiring Humanity

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By uday

Attempting to be a source of inspiration is an Important part of being a teacher and it is also the most satisfying aspect of being in the said profession. The best part of the deal, however, is presented when the students end up inspiring you.

Just yesterday there was the sad tale of a four day old girl child being abandoned at the Civil Hospital by the parents. Even in the midst of all the euphoria regarding women athletes bringing laurels to the nation, this prejudiced treatment of the female child continues unabated at the root levels. Tales of an abandoned girl child are still a common story, something we have learnt to take as part of life.

After reading the post on All About Belgaum, I experienced my momentary sadness and got back to work as usual.

A little late in the evening I missed a call from one of my earlier students. He followed it up with a Facebook message. While referring to the news, he requested me to help him find ways to arrange for the adoption of the child.

A series of thoughts ran through my mind and the gist of it, quite frankly was “Why might he be interested in adopting the child?”. Are the couple having problems in conceiving? I was in for a surprise.

I called him to discover that the family had been blessed with a male child a few days back and he wanted to adopt the baby so that the two kids could grow together. Wow!! Honestly, I was floored.

Sadly, since the child was delivered at the Civil Hospital, a case had been registered. The child will now proceed through all formalities including the police station and the courts and will eventually be put up for adoption at an orphanage where there would be a queue of takers. I was informed that there could be a queue of hundreds of parents and it is better that I do not pursue the issue any more.

While I might not be able to help this wonderful student of mine, what stands out is the sheer inspiration that he provided.

Kudos to his thoughts and similar sentiments of thousands of others who symbolize the essence of humanity by providing a home for these abandoned kids.

Who knows whether I will be able to help him in his quest to be a true humanitarian but I sure am glad that I have been blessed with such inspirational students.

May his tribe increase…..

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  1. Truly inspiring. Such are the people who create a perfect balance between two contrary aspects of life. Such deeds will surely create an impact in the long run….


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