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Letter to God

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Dear God,

We know you are very busy attending to the woes of people around the world and finding remedies for their prayers. We are sure, you have a soft corner for us Belagaumites . Why else would you test us in such a way, if you never knew we had the grit to face any challenge! Our problems ( we know, some may even fume at this trivialization of disgust) are much more complicated than those that the UN faces (and ultimately sleeps over) everyday! Kindly ponder over our list and help us find solutions for the same.

Letters-to-GodHave you noticed the frenetic prayers of parents from Belagavi, whose children routinely migrate to other cities for their livelihood? Lack of career options has forced them to, much to the chagrin of the resident natives in those cities. But we are helpless God.

Please put up some massive projects around Belagavi so that our folks sleep in peace while we work in our home-town. And that will save them the lonely days while they uproot themselves from sprawling homes here and come to live in cramped flats in the big cities, losing their friends and identity and scarily peeping below from tiny balconies over the mad traffic below.

We know you have no time for entertainment, but we need our daily dose of music and Bollywood. Can you imagine God, the whole world has enjoyed the fruits of an FM station for years, but we still pray for one? So please don’t relegate this prayer into the date-barred bin, it is still valid for us.

God, do you know that our Corporators and men-in-power swear by the phrase ‘Road to Perdition’? They literally do, and make us traverse through the same every single day. Can you please grow us some wings, so that we are saved the agony of broken backbones and vehicles turning turtle in the potholes of these dreaded roads? We promise we will not crowd your skies but fly decently.

Do you know God, that time is supreme in today’s era? Oh! How will you? You have to follow no time, but we do. And don’t be surprised by the spurt in tension-induced heart problems, God. We are just waiting for the trains to pass on the crammed railway gates from times immemorial. As we make our way through the trespassing riders from the other end, we have missed classes and been late to work, but our bosses never buy our argument that an overbridge is all we need. They say even God cant help you with this one! Is it true God? (Thankfully we have got one)

God, please, please make sense to the central and state governments to at last solve the border dispute. If Sudan can resolve its issues, if the Berlin wall can come down, if Srilanka can see peace, why can’t we?

We have many prayers God, but that will bore you. So we are submitting only a few of those. Kindly find time from your busy schedule and answer our prayers God. We will offer you a kilo of the best kunda if you do!

Thanking you in earnest anticipation

Belagaviites –in- tears

P.S. If you can’t trace us on the map, please use your heavenly GPRS, we lie sandwiched between three states and you may even hear our silent cries and sighs if you pay attention.

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  1. I'm sure God cannot ignore such an earnest prayer!
    Swateeji I'm in too!! 🙂

    BTW, loved this one as much as I enjoyed the others! Keep it up!!

    Your fan,

  2. “We will offer you a kilo of the best kunda if you do!” – how sweet!!! Loved this one… The beginning part about the children migrating – – That was Superb!!! All together – a lovely post!!!


  3. BAD!!!!
    "God, please, please make sense to the central and state governments to at last solve the border dispute. If Sudan can resolve its issues, if the Berlin wall can come down, if Srilanka can see peace, why can’t we?"

    Its absurd to compare the border dispute of BELGAUM with your above given examples!!


    • Get a life dude, I am sure she knows more about history and geography than you.. She just gave those as examples of problems around the world you know..

  4. By doing so, you are simply creating a divide, we all are one, you are acting just like an politician and creating an confusion with an article!

  5. Swati,
    Only one suggestion, it is wrong to compare Somalia, Berlin Wall, Sri Lanka with Belgaum's problems and was a bit out of context.
    Other than that it was an earnest prayer.

  6. Nice one Swatee. Had there been industries in Belgaum I would have never left it. I was left with no option but to leave Belgaum for greener pastures, I come from a lower middle class family you see. Money matters the most.

  7. No, not an good article!
    Firstly I don't understand what is this article is all about , only politicians divide us, we don't, Belgaum is a peaceful city with everything sweet being awesome and will be a cosmopolitian city always !!! was this article an earnest prayer? or general knowledge show off? or language skills? or emotional saying? for what? there's no dispute, you are creating one by this article, all live here with peace and harmony like an family, both kannadigas and marathas.
    I don't see why this all was put in :
    " Issues at Somalia and Ethiopia are more pressing and need your special attention. We know you need to reassure Americans that there won’t be another 9/11 (soon) and lift the spirits of the battered British who nurse a wound of the most brutal hacking scandal in recent times. But we are sure, you have a soft corner for us Belgaumites . Why else would you test us in such a way, if you never knew we had the grit to face any challenge!"
    Prayers have to be simple, like give us PEACE! thats all, no show off is needed.

  8. This letter really addresses all the requirements of the Belgaumites & is written with a sense of innocence. Well more industries with a good planning mean more prosperity. The birth of South Sudan & then the struggle for Telangana also gives lot of hope to solve the border dispute.

    Lets us not be Hippocrates saying all is well at Belgaum as we need to see the reality. Let us all get our share of progress & development. I think God has started delivering justice (South Sudan, Telangana) & to be followed on by more good news.

  9. No hard feelings whatsoever….

    but Belgaum has been my nostalgic epicenter for a long time… and I too want to see some peace here…. honestly tell me…. how frequently do we see the bandhs and mishaps bcoz of the language or border issues…. wat impact it wud do on our children??? wat answer we'd give dem… why all this is happening…. is it our brothers fighting??? so nicely…???

  10. Wow Awesome prayer, especially
    1) The prayers of parent for their migrated childrens
    2) prayer to grow us wings to reach places and promising not to crowd & fly decently – SubhanALLAH simply gr88
    3) The use heavenly GRPS if unable to trace belgaum

    Except the somalia & ethopia they are different issues lets not compare with it, our issues are just given pumps time to time by only & only political parties for political motives only.
    but few belgaumites come under this trap always, there should be an end for this which is main hurdle for the development of belgaum.

  11. Swati,

    It was the sweetest, honest ( & funniest too) letter to God but at the same time it is very true. You have conveyed the issues of Belgaumites very politely and in a very simple manner to GOD. Hope GOD is listening and may soon provide the permanent solution to all the problems.
    I must say that i have become your FAN and want to see you some time soon.

    Your Friend,

    Shreeshail. M. Hattaraki

  12. Hey AAB, please start a new section (Poetry, Essays) too, why is that some people post an article which has no relevance at all? Its okay, talk about vegetables, belgaum has alot and so on.. accepted , all know it, enjoy it , appreciate it! Well! Then if the author pray's, why post the blog here, prayers shouldn't be discussed, isnt it? does anyone say or speak in public what he or she prays????? isn't it a show off? AAB.. some people who reply and watch your blogs are M-tech, MS, PHD, lived across continents too, and have come back to Belgaum and work for its development & don't show. This Article was not an prayer!
    NOTE: "THIS IS A QUERY (NOT EVEN AN QUESTION) & IS TO AAB ONLY", not anyone else & hope only AAB replies.

  13. Hi Uday, I have a small suggestion. If possible please start a classified section on AAB where buyers/sellers can post their requirement/offer. It will go a great deal in helping us to find what we are looking for, say for e.g., maybe a car on sale or an apartment/house on sale/rent.


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