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LUCRATIVE posting in FERTILE Belgaum

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lucrative” posting in “fertile” Belgaum

This is a quote has been made by Mr.Hegde Lokayukta & a former Supreme Court Judge.

He quoted this to PTI and we quote:

“It seems government officials have no fear. Greed-over-need illness is not coming to an end. The tendency to make more money is increasing. It seems government officials are crorepatis. Poverty is only among the general public,” he said.
Lokayukta police had trapped an excutive engineer, C R Bellary, in Haveri some time ago, and only under pressure from Lokayukta, the Government kept him under suspension for a few days. Now, he has been given a “lucrative” posting in “fertile” Belgaum.

It is said Belgaum has always been very lucrative and fertile and officers coming to Belgaum always want to be in Belgaum, after all its a place we all love and the officials  love it as well.


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